Converting a whole directory tree of FLAC files to opus/vorbis and deleting the originals

Because I just did it and might need to do it again, e.g.:
fd -t f -e flac -x bash -c 'ffmpeg -i "$1" -b:a 64k "$1".ogg && echo rm "$1"' bash {}

Remove the echo to make it actually delete the originals.


Or to write them to another directory, keeping the original structure intact:

cd /dir/to/convert && fd -t f -e flac -x bash -c 'D=$(dirname "{}"); B=$(basename "{}"); mkdir -p "/dir/to/write/to/$D"; ffmpeg -i "{}" "/dir/to/write/to/$D/${B%.*}.opus"' bash {}


^ Nope, that seems to miss files…

You should probably use beets or something…

soundKonverter is a nice tool too.

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