Flowers in QGIS?

The other day I was working on visualisation of some intermediate research stuff and ended up with something looking like a bouquet of flowers.

Twitter liked it so here is a how-to.

  1. Have some lines that meet in a shared point. They should have a shared ID per group (in my case they were MultiLineStrings).
  2. Color them per ID.
  3. Turn the background black.
  4. Use an Arrow style for the lines. Set the Head thickness to half the Arrow width. Set the Head length to whatever you consider fancy.
  5. Remove the Outline (set No Pen).
  6. Set the Feature blending mode to Multiply (or to Screen or Dodge or Addition if you prefer fireworks to flowers).
  7. Set an appropriate color scheme. For flowers I think RdYlGn works great (that’s how I realised what my random tinkering had lead to) or PiYg or simply Spectral, for fireworks random colors.

That’s it! Now play around and have some fun!

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