UTM coordinate grids of Hamburg

The coordinates are wrong, I should have be xmin and ymin to match the official grid. Will update the PDFs soonish, sorry!

The LGV offers their official UTM grid for Hamburg in the Transparenzportal. Since many datasets are indexed by those grid tiles, it can be handy to have a quick references. Queue QGIS!

Load the layers “utm_raster1km any” and “utm_raster2km any” of the GML file. The CRS is EPSG:25832. Set their styles to have no fill.

Label with substr(x_min($geometry),0,4) || '\n' || substr(y_min($geometry),0,5) to truncate the coordinate display to just the interesting bits, the three leading numbers of X and the four leading numbers of Y.

Print them. You now have nice maps of the grid that you can use as reference when browsing through files with names like dgm1_32552_5936_2_fhh.xyz, LoD1_571_5939_1_HH.xml or dop20c_32576_5953.jpg (ignore the leading 32…).

I added the Stadtteile as background (and Wished QGIS could style by the 4 color theorem).

Click to download PDFs (they should be DIN A4, ask the composer why they are not):

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